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Scientific, technical, legal, sworn, commercial, tourist, websites and blogs

The world of translation is extensive and wide-ranging. Not everybody is trained to do all types of translation. Before starting a project, it is important to know what is required and have a clear idea of the client needs. Consequently, we always assign translations to translators who are specialised in the source text. Our team is diverse so that we can translate all types of texts, delivering excellence throughout the entire process.


Liaison, consecutive and simultaneous

Increasingly our world is becoming more globalised, and international relations are more commonplace. Some small and medium sized businesses are in a process of growth and opening up to new markets that they need to be able to communicate in their potential client’s language. However, these companies don’t always have a specialised International Business Department. At Accent, we break down language barriers; we have interpreters with different languages and specialisations that can help you. When you hire an interpreter -whether it is liaison interpreting, or interpreting at a business meeting, or conference interpreting with consecutive translation, or even simultaneous interpreting- you ensure that communication is direct, as if you were speaking in your mother tongue.


Spelling, morphosyntactic, semantic, stylistic and formal

Companies invest a lot of money and effort in advertising and positioning themselves on social networks. It’s a shame if the final product contains spelling mistakes or is written in an inappropriate style for its target audience. At Accent we provide a proofreading service to ensure that the final text doesn’t contain spelling mistakes or inaccuracies, so that your company image is not affected negatively by mistakes.


From audio and video

Nowadays texts are not only in written format. You may need an audio or video transcription service, which we can provide so that you can use and disseminate any text in audio or video format.

Linguistic assessment

Provided for both individual customers and companies

A text can be grammatically correct but inappropriate for the context it is designed for. At Accent, we offer a customised linguistic consultancy service so that your texts are correct both grammatically and stylistically; we ensure that they are adapted to the context and target audience they are designed for.


Content writing

You select the theme. We’ll write about it

Are you thinking about changing and expanding your website? Are you unsure what content to include or how to write it? Do you want a new catalogue but are unsure how to write it? At Accent we provide content writing – you explain your idea and we will help write the content.